5 Bob Marley Songs To Kick Off The Weekend

When it comes to relaxing, it doesn’t get much better than listening to Bob Marley. Profound lyrics + chill beats is a perfect recipe for relaxation and no one delivers better than Tuff Gong himself.

So if you want to kick off your weekend the right way, then you should definitely queue up these Bob Marley tracks, and pump up the volume.

1. Buffalo Soldier

2. No Woman, No Cry

A song of hope, Marley is singing to a woman encouraging her to think positively and that things will get better for her despite the stark implications of her surroundings.

3. Three Little Birds

4. Jamming

The quintessential chill party song, “Jamming” refers to a gathering or celebration in patois. So Marley is literally singing about enjoying time with friends, which is probably why it’s one of the best party songs of all time.

If there ever was a song that encapsulated Marley’s message of universal love, peace, and kindness, it’s this track. Forever iconic, this is probably Marley’s best known work.


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