Australians Can't Order Two Scoops Of The Same Ice Cream Until They Have Marriage Equality

Despite overwhelming support among the public, Australia seriously lags behind when it comes to marriage equality. So much so that Ben & Jerry’s, a longtime supporter of LGBT rights, has decided to take a drastic step to highlight the situation.  

To get the point across before the next parliamentary sitting on the issue on June 13, Ben & Jerry’s has decided to ban Australians from buying two scoops of the same flavor at its Scoop Shops across the country.  

Those that do support marriage equality can visit one of the stores and write a postcard to their local member of parliament, which Ben & Jerry’s will deliver ahead of the debate. They go on to state: 

Ben & Jerry’s Twitter account also tweeted a map showing where same-sex couples can get married, adding that Australia was “lagging behind.”  

The response was mixed, with some Twitter users saying that Ben & Jerry’s won’t be getting their business any longer. Others loved the move. 

What do you think of this idea? 


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