Bloody Brawl Breaks Out At Dodgers vs. Angels Game

Dodgers vs. Angels

Bloody Chaotic Brawl In Stands

… During Freeway Series Opener

6/28/2017 3:36 PM PDT

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An all-out chaotic brawl broke out between opposing fans at the Dodgers vs. Angels game Monday night … leaving one fan with a bloody face.

It all went down in the pavilion section of Dodger Stadium when 2 fans started barking at each other … but things quickly turned physical when they dragged each other to the ground and started throwing punches.

Other fans joined in by throwing haymakers and beers … while a mother and her crying daughter try to separate themselves from the altercation just a few feet away.

Stadium security and off-duty cops broke up the fight  … but surprisingly, no arrests were made and the aggressors left the game on their own. A police report was not made for the incident.

The Angels won the game 4-0.

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