Girl Tries To Pass Bahamas Off As Myrtle Beach, And Twitter Roasts Her


Way back in August of 2016, posted this Vine of the beautiful, clear water in the Bahamas.

Last Tuesday, June 27th, a poor soul named Mo made a profound error in judgement and claimed she shot the video in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:

Twitter’s reaction was swift and unforgiving:

People starting posting photos of the REAL Myrtle Beach:

Before long, any random photo could be from “Myrtle Beach”:

Some users were pretty unapologetic in their mockery:

The original poster, @23Mullikin, claims the post was a joke:

But whether or not the original post was written in jest, once Twitter sinks its teeth into a lie, it won’t let go. Replies continue to pour in, making fun of the “stolen” video:


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