How This Artist Is Seeing 'The Simpsons' Everywhere In Real Life

Artist Francois Dourlen doesn’t just love cartoons—thanks to his phone and a good eye, he sees them everywhere in the real world. 

Lately, he’s been particularly fond of discovering The Simpsons everywhere, like on the news: 

And even in plant life: 

The French artist told Buzzfeed that the project started on a whim. “At first it was a joke for a couple of friends of mine,” Dourlen said. “I wanted to take a funny picture for their baby’s room.” But the clever pictures quickly grew popular.

Francois continues to be amazed by his success, which has grown to the point where Disney actually pays him to include their characters in his shoots. “I’m not even a photographer,” he told Totallee in an interview. “I’m just a guy with a camera.”


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