Kids Do A Lot Of Things To Fit In, But One Girl's Tactic Speaks To An Alarming Trend

It seems like kids often want nothing more than to fit in with their peers.

And nothing says “I’m cool” like being on-trend with the latest crazes. Back in my day, Pokemon cards, American Eagle jeans, gel pens, and Silly Bandz were all the rage. These fads were the cause of panic as parents scrambled to beat the rush to make their kids the kings and queens of the playground.

But not every school-age trend is safe. Just when you thought fidget spinners were the biggest headache parents had to worry about, a new internet challenge could have lasting effects on your child’s appearance.
Kaitlyn Stanley and her mother recently appeared on ITV’s “This Morning” to tell their story about a dangerous craze making waves across the pond.

Kaitlyn shared her story about how she tried the “deodorant challenge” in order to feel cool. The challenge involves kids willingly burning their arms using aerosol deodorants.

Children all across England are filming themselves holding the deodorant cans close to their skin for as long as possible.

“My friends started doing it. You spray it and then it goes white and it looks really cool so I tried it,” Kaitlyn explained.

H/T ViralNova

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