The Reason This Family Dog Only Eats Half Her Food Is Heartbreaking

If you’ve ever had a dog as a pet, then you know that they have an insanely high level of emotional intelligence.

When a dog is sad, you can see their entire body language change. When they’re overjoyed, they make that pretty darn obvious, too.

And filmmaker Easton Dufur’s story about his dog, Cookie, is just another example of the emotional intelligence dogs possess.

Twitter was trapped in a glass cage of emotion over the touching story.

In case you wanted a visual of these puppers back when Stitch was still alive, here you are, you brave soul.

Dufur spoke with Mashable about how Cookie is taking the loss of her pal. He says that even though it was initially a rough week, that Cookie is handling Stitch’s passing fairly well, and that the family is sure to give her plenty of love and affection in this trying time.

Sure, Cookie could’ve just been trained to keep her bowl half-full after all these years, but the fact that she even left half of the food for her pal Stitch in the first place is pretty darn impressive.


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