They Found A Backpack In A Cart. When They Looked Inside, They Were Horrified.

On June 4, the manager of a store in Tempe, Arizona, went out to the parking lot after receiving a report of a backpack left inside a shopping cart.

When the manager looked inside the backpack, they found a newborn baby girl wrapped in a blanket. Part of the umbilical cord was still attached. Though she was taken to a hospital and found to be fine, the temperature outside where she’d been left was 102 degrees Fahrenheit. What’s worse is that she was found only 50 feet away from a safe haven location, where parents can legally drop off infants who are under 72 hours old without any questions asked.

Police are trying to identify the baby and have been searching for the mother since, but they haven’t yet had any luck finding her.

To learn more about this baby’s discovery and safe havens in Arizona, check out the video below.


(via ABC15)

H/T ViralNova

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