This Dog Tried To Help A Reporter Read The News And Twitter Is In Love

THIS JUST IN: A dog decided that there was a severe lack of pup-ness on Russian news station MIR 24, so they gave a reporter a helping paw during a live broadcast.

The dog quickly became a viral star, interrupting TV anchor Linarte’s presentation by jumping up on the desk and sniffing at her notes.

Probably his way of checking the facts? I don’t know much about dog journalism, so I can only guess.

The little pupper seemed ecstatic to be on air while Linarte did a pretty good job of keeping it together.

Well, kinda.

Linarte gave the adorable pupper a quick pet before ultimately revealing that she was a cat lady.

Once Twitter got hold of the incident, obviously, everyone was ecstatic that the cute black lab got his shot at finally becoming a co-anchor.


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