You'll Be Heartbroken When You See The Condition This Pony Was Found In

Did you know that, much like our own fingernails and toenails, horse hooves need to be trimmed every few weeks if they don’t live in the wild on rocky terrain?

Unfortunately for one neglected Shetland pony, his owner either didn’t know or just didn’t care, because when volunteers from the Animaux en Péril animal sanctuary in Belgium got to him, his hooves were so overgrown that he could barely walk.

Rescuers came to help the pony as soon as they became aware of his situation, but seeing his condition left them stunned and likely broke their hearts.

His hooves hadn’t been trimmed for around 10 years, literally spiraling out of control and making it extremely difficult for the poor thing to get around. “In 24 years of existence, our refuge has never hosted an equine with hooves so long,” a representative for the sanctuary said.

Unfortunately, he and another horse found with him were malnourished and severely underweight. They had also been standing on a two-foot high pile of manure.

H/T ViralNova

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