Anderson Cooper's Crude Outburst At This Republican Has Twitter In Stitches

Anderson Cooper has had Jeffrey Lord on his show several times. This past Friday, the banter between the two got interesting. Cooper ended up frustratedly commenting to Lord about Donald Trump pooping.

It started when Cooper asked Lord if he thought Donald Trump ought to be doing things like telling the Russians that former FBI Director  James B. Comey is a “nut job.”

Coopers face looks like he’s bracing for impact. 

Lord responded “I don’t care what he says to the Russian prime – to the Russians.”

The moment of impact. 

The comment Cooper made next is what he eventually apologized for.

Cooper interrupted Lord, saying “If he took a dump on his desk, you would defend it.” 

Lord had a good sense of humor about the moment. 

Cooper apologized online.

Twitter didn’t seem to think it was necessary.

Like… at all.

Do you? 

H/T: Twitter, LA Times


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