Bill Cosby Trial Ends in Mistrial, Retrial Promised

Bill Cosby

Mistrial Declared

Retrial Promised

6/17/2017 7:26 AM PDT

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Bill Cosby‘s sexual assault trial has just ended … in a mistrial, but even before prosecutors heard the breakdown among jurors they declared they will re-try the comedian.

Jurors were unable to reach a verdict on any of the 3 sexual assault counts.

The jury deliberated for more than 5 days and on Friday told the judge they were deadlocked after 53 hours of deliberations. The judge pressured the jury to reach a decision by not allowing them to call it quits until 9:30 PM.

Cosby was stoic as the judge declared a mistrial … showing no emotion whatsoever.

A member of Cosby’s P.R. team read a statement from his wife Camille, who blasted prosecutors, the judge and media for what she says is unethical and deceitful conduct.

Prosecutors vow to retry Cosby within 4 months.

The jury deliberated for more than 52 hours, which was longer than the trial itself. They told the judge Saturday they were “hopelessly deadlocked.”

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