Caught On Film: Airline Passenger Removed After Yelling, Cursing, And Letting Her Dog Run Around The Cabin

If you want to ruin someone’s day, there are many bad things you can do, but none are as immediately effective as acting like a jerk and getting an entire flight delayed. An American Airlines flight was pushed back 4 hours after a woman, cursing at flight attendants and refusing to put her seat in the upright position, let her dog run loose in the cabin before standing up to go find it. The entire incident was captured on video by a fellow passenger who just wanted to go home.

Fellow passengers tried to calm the woman, who called the flight attendant a “b****” and was refusing to take her seat. One person said to her: 

Come on we all just want to go home.

At one point, the woman marched back to the flight attendant’s area to complain while her dog ran around their legs:

After the woman makes a comment about returning to Chicago, a flight attendant said “No, we’re going back to the gate. We’re not going to Chicago.” The entire plane then groaned in unison. The flight finally took off four hours later.

The plane returned to the gate and another video shows the woman being escorted off the flight by security. An Atlanta airport representative says the woman was rebooked onto another flight without being arrested, though her fellow passengers who arrived four hours late to Chicago might have wished otherwise.


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