He Was Famous In The Big Game Hunting World, But An Angry Elephant Just Killed Him

Theunis Botha from Johannesberg, South Africa, was a well-known big game hunter who killed beautiful African wildlife for fun. Now he won’t get the chance to do it again.

On May 19, the 51-year-old, who had been leading tourists on hunting trips for the last 30 years, was out guiding a group of hunters in Gwai, Zimbabwe, when they saw a group of herding elephants. That’s when the animals charged.

On his website, Game Hounds Safaris, Botha is boasted as being the one who pioneered traditional European-style “Monteria hunts” in which hunters use hounds to herd wild animals towards them for an easier shot.

During these hunts, he’s killed leopards, lions, and even elephants.

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But in his last hunt ever, a group of elephants must have known they were in danger, because they ran straight for the hunters to defend themselves before Botha shot at them.

H/T ViralNova

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