Husband And Wife Expecting Baby Take Incredible Maternity Photo While He's Deployed

The men and women who serve in the military sacrifice so much to protect us.

For far too many of them, that means missing major milestones in their families’ lives. When Veronica Phillips found out she was pregnant, her husband, Brandon, knew he was going to be deployed for most of her pregnancy and the birth of the baby. Missing such an important event was awful, but Veronica is finding incredible ways to include him along the way.

Veronica is carrying their first child at home in Florida, but Brandon’s Air Force job took him overseas to the Middle East.

Veronica set up a maternity photoshoot with Jennifer Ariel Photography to capture this precious time in her life, and the photos are totally gorgeous.

That’s when she asked the photographer if there was some way to incorporate Brandon into the photos. She said yes and spent a ton of time finding the perfect way to do it.

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H/T ViralNova

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