KFC Brings Back Man's Favorite Menu Item After He Tweets Them For A Year

It’s practically a double-slap in the face. For one, you’ll never be able to purchase that amazing, junk food goodness that used to bring so much joy to your life. The second slap is that you’re part of a demographic that was deemed so small by the franchise that you’re not worth keeping the item around for. And that hurts.

While most of us would just sit idly by and complain about the tragedy that’s befallen us, Twitter user Farhan decided he would keeping pestering KFC until they brought back his favorite menu item of theirs: Hot Devil Drumlets.

The Singapore-Exclusive KFC spicy chicken made such a profound impact on Farhan that he would reply to every tweet the fast-food chain sent out with a firm request that they bring back that spicy chicken he was so fond of.

Farhan kept it up for a year…

…until he finally got a response from KFC: they DM’ed him. 

In an interview with Mashable, Farhan said that he couldn’t believe his extended joke actually impacted KFC enough to bring back their favorite food of his.

KFC confirmed that they’ll indeed be sending Farham his own box before the item becomes available in stores across Singapore. 

And they made good on their promise.

That just goes to show you kids, persistence pays off.


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