Mayweather vs. McGregor Day 2: Flag Throwing & Money Shaming

Conor vs Floyd Day 2

Flag Throwing & Money Shaming

7/12/2017 5:12 PM PDT


Who throws a flag? Conor McGregor … that’s who. 

The UFC star actually weaponized the Irish colors at the Mayweather vs. McGregor Day 2 event in Toronto on Wednesday … after a bizarre standoff involving Floyd’s backpack. 

At first, it seemed Floyd was gonna disrespect McGregor’s flag — but then he handed it over to Conor peacefully. 

That’s when Conor launched it back at the boxer … and it landed right on the ground. Bad form. 

The disses continued to fly — Conor went after everything from his outfit, to his money, to his women to his alleged inability to read. 

Mayweather called him a bitch a lot.

McGregor got the crowd to chant, “F*ck the Mayweathers.”

But the best part? DRAKE SHOWED UP! 

Next stop … Brooklyn. 

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