Personal Trainer's Before And After Lunch Photos Will Boost Your Self-Esteem

If you’ve ever dieted for an amount of time and finally got some definition in your tummy, then you’re all too familiar with how fickle of a beast abs can be.

It seems like no matter what you do, you can’t have Zac Efron level Baywatch abs 24/7. You stare longingly at Instagram posts of people with perfect bodies in perfect poses, which makes you feel incompetent. Or maybe a human version of heavy breathing cat. 

But even the most “perfect” of people don’t have perfect bodies around the clock. And Instagram fitness model Sophie Allen wants you to know that.

She’s made some amazing progress over the years, not only with her abs, but also with the colorful assortment of workout gear she’s now rocking. I mean, just look at that pattern.

To drive her point home about just how finicky flat stomachs can be, Allen posted this side-by-side picture of her tummy before and after lunch. The difference is pretty astounding.

She posted the pics with this encouraging message:

In an interview with Metro, Sophie said that she was inspired to post the side-by-side photos for her followers after seeing similar pictures by other people online.

Sophie also talked a bit about her own fitness journey, saying that she used to measure her self worth in how tiny she was. After focusing on fitness and being strong versus just trying to be skinny, she started feeling better about her overall health. 


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