Someone Really Should Have Caught These Cringeworthy Spelling Mistakes

I make a lot of typos. I know that and you know that. I’ve read your comments. The things is, though, it has more to do with my own stupid fingers and not because I don’t know how words are spelled. 

Most of the time. There are still some words that always throw me for a whirl. Like “restaurant.” I know I got it right that time because I Googled it, which is what I do every time I have to spell “restaurant.” 

These are all reasonable mistakes, though. Just a slight, forgivable error. Not like some of the following examples.

Actually, before we get to that. I just want to say that I triple checked this post and made sure there are no spelling mistakes. Except, you know, the ones that were deliberate to highlight a greater point. You get it. 

Anyway, here we go! 


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