Tomi Lahren Just Tried To Insult "Liberal Snowflakes," And Those Snowflakes Fired Right Back

Tomi Lahren called the Notre Dame students who walked out on the vice president’s commencement address: ‘Snowflakes.’

The acid-tongued former commentator on Glen Beck’s The Blaze network fired off about the students who bailed out on Mike Pence’s commencement speech, saying they’ll never be able to hold their jobs.

Holding one’s job didn’t seem to register with the 24-year-old who was suspended from the network after calling anti-abortion conservatives “hypocrites.” She was too busy throwing shade at the Notre Dame students who protested against the Trump administration, but Lahren conveniently forgot about her being banned from The Blaze.

‘Snowflakes?’ Now that was totally uncalled fo…wait a minute? Is that word supposed to be an insult? If it came out of her mouth with flames, then yes, it was an insult.

Let’s observe what the delicate, pretty white things mean according to Tomi Lahren. The conservative uses the term “” as a slur against liberals.

Whatever. The point is, she shamed those students who were protesting against Pence, who denies civil rights protections for marginalized communities based on race, religion, and sexuality.

She basically called them losers, but draped a pretty lace-like veneer over the grenade.

Twitter was very helpful in reminding her of her own situation.

There’s justice in having her slur used against her.

Turns out Lahren is ‘snowflaking’ because she can’t hold a job or a conversation with an Internet that is demanding answers.


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