Why These Banned Grandmas Are Uniting Against Trump On Instagram

The Instagram account Banned Grandmas will both enrage you and make your heart grow three sizes. The Guardian reports that Iranian-American analyst Holly Dagres accidentally started a movement when she tweeted a photo of herself and her grandmother, hashtagging it #GrandparentsNotTerrorists in response to Donald Trump’s travel ban which also pertains to “grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles and cousins of people in the US.”

The tweet took off, so she and a friend started an Instagram account to record all the pictures of folks from countries being oppressed by the “Muslim Ban,” of people with their grandmas, or just their grandma hanging out. All of these grandmas are reportedly banned from entering the United States to visit, or for special events, or just because they want to see the Grand Canyon. A lot of them seem to be amazing cooks:

Dagres told the Guardian that reactions and comments have been mixed.

“Naturally, there have some been negative, and at times racist and Islamophobic, responses to the account and hashtag [but] the overall response has been positive,” she explained. “A lot of people have shared their frustration with the travel ban.”

“Not one of the hijackers on September 11 were nationals belonging to the six travel ban countries,” she continued. “A national from the travel ban countries hasn’t committed a terrorist act on US soil since 1980. This is exactly why grandparents became the perfect face of the hashtag and account. Everyone loves their grandparents and what they represent: traditions and history. I don’t think anyone has ever heard of a 95-year-old Farhad or 82-year-old Maryam committing an act of terrorism.”

Let in the grandmas. They’ve more than earned a place at their grandkid’s graduation ceremony.


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